Auckland Sailing School

Professional Sail Training


Five years ago I set up a very small company that my kids named to manage the training I was delivering.  2017 was the year that we rebranded our selves Auckland Sailing School and became an accredited Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Recognised Training Centre. 

Although we call our selves a Sailing School, we deliver Powerboat Training and Launch Training (big powerboats) training as well.  Our specialty is the RYA Yachtmaster™ training scheme, and we are currently the only school delivering the Yachtmaster™ Ocean Theory training. 

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Phil Bishop

the helmsman


Phil’s list of maritime credentials is far too long for this little bio.  But his instructor claims to fame include:

  • RYA Yachtmaster™ Instructor Trainer for Sail Cruising
  • RYA Yachtmaster™ Instructor for Motor Cruising
  • RYA Yachtmaster™ Examiner for Sail Cruising 
  • RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
  • Coastguard Boating Education Tutor and Examiner

For the last 20 years Phil has been at sea or providing maritime training for the NZ Navy.  Auckland Sailing School is his way of offering professional maritime training to the general public. 

Phil loves a good yacht race, has conducted a number of international deliveries on Sail and Power vessels and is a Professional Commercial Skipper.

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“Phil was a great teacher! Very clear, helpful and efficient.”

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


Phil knows he wouldn’t get a fraction of the things done he wanted to if it wasn’t for his awesome crew. 

Hamish Ivey -RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

Hamish is an RYA Yachtmaster™ Instructor, RYA Powerboat Instructor and Commercial Skipper. Saltwater casually flows through his veins, and without a regular dosage he gets a bit tetchy.  Hamish is the Cheif Instructor for the Royal New Zealand Navy RYA Training Centre and loves a spot of yacht racing.  Hamish is also a Coastguard Boating Education Tutor.


Daniel is an RYA Yachtmaster™ Cruising Instructor, Shorebased Instructor, RYA Powerboat Instructor and Commercial Skipper.  He has been an active boater since he was born, is a qualified boat builder and owns his own yacht.  Daniel is a regular in the racing scene and also delivers a wide range of the Coastguard Boating Education courses where he is one of their most active tutors.