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ICC Direct assessment

We can provide direct assessments on your own boat, or charter one for you.  The direct assessment is made up of two parts:

  • Theory – General to all ICC’s and a specific Coastal Section
  • Practical – Heading out to sea and conducting the drills

Typically most people need to ‘refresh’ the Theory subject, especially those applying for the Coastal Section. 

Although this is classified as an assessment, we will provide coaching to help polish your skills to meet the required standard if you are almost at the level.  The level expected is that of an RYA Day Skipper.

View the PDF link here to the Application for and Direct Assessment Syllabus.

RYA Application Form and Syllabus

ICC Formal acceptance

A link to the RYA’s website detailing information on the ICC’s acceptance throughout the world.  Please read through this information.

Formal Acceptance

chartering abroad

A link to the RYA’s website detailing how the ICC can be used around the world.  Please read through this information.                           

Chartering Abroad


A link to the RYA’s website with some useful information on the inland waterways and the assessment details for the CEVNI.  Please contact us for info on the CEVNI.

Inland Waters | CEVNI